Monthly Archives: February 2018

We come to an end

After a jam packed week the project comes to an end

Saving little lives

Another day in Yangon with plenty happening across all areas.

Full swing across 4 hospitals

All four teams were anxious to get back to their respective hospitals this morning to check on their patients and begin more surgery. My day started at Yankin children’s Hospital […]

Getting down to business

Patient reviews, teaching, and spending money

Welcome back

Touchdown in Myanmar for the 29th time

A heart of Gold

It is Russell Lee’s last project as a Project Coordinator after 30 years.

Winding down

The project is winding down for the week and the patients are making their way to the ward.

Where the action unfolds

Theatre is where it all happens…

An electric buzz in the air

There is an electric buzz in the air, something I like to call “Open Heart International”

Teaching, Learning, Repeat

Teaching is the major part of our project goals in Papua New Guinea.