I am not sure I have ever witnessed anything like the global uncertainty that is occurring right now. The spread of COVID-19 has affected the way that many people are going about their lives.

At Open Heart International, we work alongside our partners to facilitate surgical best practice, so that the help that we provide last lifetimes. With travel restrictions, mandatory isolation periods, and pandemic plans enacted, our efforts to improve surgical best practice understandably have to take a step back.

Our clinical volunteers need to be at home – with their families, their loved ones and playing an integral part in the health systems within their home cities. We are in awe of the dedication and commitment of our medical heroes. Thank you for being there for your home communities at this time. Our partners need to be focused on pandemic planning and response too.

When the pandemic passes (and it will), Open Heart International is committed as ever, to continue what we’ve been able to do together, for over thirty years. Thank you for your continued support. Our volunteer teams may not be travelling right now, but our staff are using the time to prepare and improve the way we work for even greater impact.

Stay safe,

Denison Grellmann
CEO ADRA Australia & New Zealand
Acting General Manager for Open Heart International