• International travel is opening again, when does OHI plan to travel again?

    Even though international travel is opening up again we must consider the risks of travel disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are continuously monitoring the international health situation in the countries we visit. We are also keeping up to date on international travel restrictions both within Australia and the countries in which we travel. As you are all aware each state has individual restrictions, let alone each individual Hospital for health care workers. As you can appreciate, the scope is forever changing, we are hoping in the near future these will settle down so we can get a better picture to be able to assess properly.

  • What is OHI doing right now?

    While COVID-19 has put a halt to the usual way we go about business, it has not stopped us from our working. If anything, this period of change has emphasized how precious the training component of our trips really is. While we may have paused our in-country project visits, for the time being, we are still able to impact lives across the sea via technology and will continue to do so until it is safe to travel.

  • How can I be the first to know when OHI will travel again?

    If you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletters to receive regular updates via email. Click here to do so: ohi.org.au/newsletters/

    If you are registered on our database, you can help us out by keeping your information up to date so we can stay in touch as things change.

  • How can I become a volunteer?

    We welcome expressions of interest from suitably qualified volunteers. To be selected for a project visit, you must be registered and an approved volunteer. This is done by completing an online application on our website, and maintaining a volunteer profile. Our Selection Policy and project plans governs the number of people, and composition, of the team that is deployed.

    Please visit our volunteer page to find out more information.

  • I have unwanted medical supplies and equipment. Can I donate them to you?

    Open Heart International is very grateful for the goodwill and generosity of so many people.

    If you are enquiring from a hospital with outdated equipment or capital items, we would welcome a discussion about the equipment if it is used in a medical speciality that we are currently implementing projects. We have an obligation to ensure that any equipment that is donated to hospitals in developing countries is fit for use, and can be sustainably serviced.

    We would also welcome discussions with medical supply companies about donation of bulk unwanted stock of consumables that are still within expiry date, provided they are used in a medical specialty that we are currently implementing projects.

    We do not accept “one off” or “assorted” boxes of consumables, pharmaceuticals or other supplies or equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches or the like.

    Please contact us to discuss further.

  • Where is Open Heart International located around the world?

    We have partnerships in individual countries across the Pacific, Asia and Africa, and we in specifically designed medical programs. To see which countries we support (and have previously supported) please visit the Our Impact page on our website.

    We are a part of the ADRA network which has offices in over 130 different countries.

    Open Heart International’s head office is in Sydney, Australia.

  • How do I access surgery for myself or one of my loved ones in one of the countries you are working?

    Open Heart International does not accept direct referrals or patient requests for surgery. The initial patient reviews are conducted by our local partners who are aware of the skills and the type of conditions that we are capable of treating. In many of our projects, we are working with the Ministry of Health, and the in-country doctors will know the process for referral. Please ask your treating doctor about Open Heart International in the first instance, and they will likely be able to share specific information with you. If you would like more specific information based on the country you are enquiring about please contact us.

    Fiji Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Suva
    Lautoka Hospital, Lautoka
    Labassa Hospital, Labassa
    Myanmar Yangon General Hospital, Yangon
    Defense Services Hospital No 1, Yangon
    Yankin General Hospital, Yangon
    North Okkalapa General Hospital, Yangon
    Mandalay General Hospital, Mandalay
    Nepal ADRA Nepal, Kathmandu Women's Health
    Nepal Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital, Banepa Burns Surgery
    Papua New Guinea Port Moresby General Hospital, Port Moresby Cardiac
    Philippines Adventist Hospital Santiago City, Santiago City Eye Surgery
    Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute, Dar es Salaam Cardiac
    Tonga Vaiola Hospital, Nuku’alofa Cardiac
  • I would like my loved one to travel to Australia for specialist surgery in Australia. Can you assist?

    We are not involved in bringing patients to Australia for surgery. The cost of providing surgery in Australia is significantly higher than our costs in the countries we travel to. We also believe that by providing surgery to patients in the country they live, we provide more familiar surroundings for recovery, and we leave a residual impact on the health system in the country that we visit.

  • My loved one lives in a separate country, but nearby to the country where you are working. Can you assist?

    The projects we undertake are a partnership between an in-country partner and ourselves, with specific goals to help that individual developing country. As the need is usually more than what we are capable of handling, it is usually not viable for the country to accept patients from other nearby countries.

  • My loved one requires specialist surgery in Australia. Can you assist?

    We are an internationally focused organisation trying to improve the access to specialist medical care in developing countries. We are unable to support the costs of Australians to receive surgery in Australia, or for Australians that become ill or injured while travelling in developing countries.

  • I would like you to consider a new project. Can you set up a project in my area?

    We are always interested in having a discussion about potential new projects, and ways in which we can provide even more support to developing countries.

    Please read about Our Impact to acquaint yourself with the type of projects that we undertake. Our projects are only successful when we are working with a strong in-country partner, either a hospital, not-for-profit organisation, or a government Ministry of Health.

    You may also wish to discuss the ADRA office in your area. To find the nearest office, click here.

    If you believe that you are able to partner with us, please contact us for more information and to talk about your project ideas.

  • Can I go as an observer if I pay my own way?

    Open Heart International is very grateful for the interest, however we are usually unable to accommodate these requests. As you can imagine our partners have policies related to non-essential access to clinical areas within their hospitals.

  • What is your association with ADRA Australia?

    Open Heart International has always had maintained a working relationship with ADRA.

    In 2016, Open Heart International formally transitioned to operate as division of ADRA Australia. By joining forces, both organisations improve efficiency, impact and leverage opportunities for growth.

    Please visit www.adra.org.au for more information about ADRA Australia.

  • What is your association with Sydney Adventist Hospital?

    Open Heart International was established in 1985 by Mr. Russell Lee, Mr. Rudi Morgan and Dr. John Wallace as volunteers, who all worked for Sydney Adventist Hospital at the time.

    Open Heart International is a partnership of ADRA Australia and Sydney Adventist Hospital.

    Sydney Adventist Hospital provide significant funding and in-kind operational support. In addition, our office is located on the Hospital’s campus.

    Please visit www.sah.org.au for more information about Sydney Adventist Hospital.

  • What is the governance structure of Open Heart International?

    Open Heart International is part of ADRA Australia. It is therefore responsible to the Board of Directors and to the Executive Committee of ADRA Australia.

    The day-to-day operations of Open Heart International are controlled by a Steering Committee under a Terms of Reference agreement with ADRA Australia. You can find details of our staff and Project Coordinators by visiting the Our Team page on our website.

  • Is Open Heart International audited?

    The finances of Open Heart International are audited as part of the financial controls and mechanisms in place by ADRA Australia.

  • Is Open Heart International a registered charity?

    Open Heart International is a division of ADRA Australia. All relevant registrations and accreditations are held under the legal entity name – Adventist Development and Relief Agency Australia Limited. We are a:

    – Public company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act

    – Registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission

    – Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) and endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)

    – An Income Tax Exempt Charity (holding tax concessions and exemptions relating to income, goods and services, and fringe benefits taxes), and operate an Overseas Aid Fund and Necessitous Persons Fund, endorsed as DGRs

    – Fundraiser throughout Australia and registered under fundraising legislation as required.

    – Fully accredited with the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (formerly AusAID). The stringent accreditation process provides the Australian Government and Australian public with the confidence that ADRA is a professional, well-managed, community-based organisation capable of delivering successful development outcomes.

    – A member of Australian Council for International Development (ACFID), adherent to the ACFID Code of Conduct, organisational member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia and a fully endorsed member of Australian Council for Social Services (ACOSS).

  • Why does my receipt refer to ADRA Australia?

    ADRA Australia, as our parent entity, holds the Deductible Gift Recipient status to allow your gift to be tax deductible. Your gift has been received by ADRA Australia, but it will be specifically used by Open Heart International.

  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    Gifts over $2 are tax deductible.