Monthly Archives: September 2017

Packing time

The team have finished their cases with 22 people receiving life changing surgery

Hearts and Minds

School-based screening program identifying heart conditions in Tongan children.

Leading with heart

The Honourable Minister of Health Dr Said Ma’u Piukala sat down to talk OHI.

Smiles and Laughter

The ward is buzzing with plenty of post-op patients

Working from the heart

Dr Liz is one of our surgeons from Papua New Guinea who has joined the team in Tonga.

Final Farewell to David Baines

It is David Baines last hurrah after 26 years of volunteering

A magical evening

The team experience a magical evening in Tonga

Adult week comes to an end

The adult week has come to a close, but the paediatric week has begun!

The OHI starboy

A patient visit from 2015

The heart team

The atmosphere of the team is great with everyone working together.