Monthly Archives: March 2014

It can’t be over already

The week flew by in Cambodia and the goodbyes had started before they knew it

Magical Moment

It can be providing personal care bags, smiling at a patient or taking a photo then asking them their story. It sometimes starts off as a small act but so often can make the world of difference.

A day in the life of a Nurse

Gain some insight into what a day looks like for two of our volunteer recovery nurses

Relief after 30 years

A Nepali women receives surgery after 30 years

A sweet farewell so soon

Only after three days two of our patients are going home

Working in the shadows of the Himalayas

The theatre list is almost full, but the determination of the team is going strong

Nameste from Nepal

The Nepal Women’s health team are now in full swing

Off to a flying start

All is travelling smoothly in Cambodia with six successful surgeries

And so it begins…

The Cambodian team have begun screening to determine the patient list

On the road again

OHI Cambodia are off again and are all really excited to be back on the road again.