Posted on 27 March, 2014

It was a sweet goodbye to two of our Cambodian kids today. Those that were operated on Monday had their final ultrasound from Ben, the singing Cardiologist, who has managed to get every kind that’s had an ultrasound to smile! To all of our amazement and joy these two little girls (a two and seven year old) only had their operations three days ago!!! Now they are walking and laughing out the door of the hospital with their very very happy and relieved parents. I wonder how many Aussie kids skip out of hospital that soon after major open-heart surgery?

postop kerrie oproom

The speed of their recovery has to be attributed to the fantastic Aussie Open Heart team both surgically and post-operatively in tandem with the local Cambodian team.

But the x-factor has to be the spirit of the Cambodian people. Their motivation to get up out of the hospital bed, get on with the rest of their lives and to live a long and fulfilling life is a great way of putting all of our first world problems in perspective!

volunteers postopsurgery happygirl

To top off a brilliant day, Chea our little orphan boy that Ash our Rockstar surgeon operated on in March last year came back to see us! He is looking better than most Aussie 7 year olds! The team were so excited to see a successful example of their work over here!

khmergirl smilingface volunteers

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