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  • $25

    Gift From The Heart

    Your ‘gift from the heart’ will help vulnerable people who...

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  • $35

    Theatre Pack

    Every surgery requires medical consumables such as syringes, sutures, ...

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  • $50

    Surgical Gloves

    Your helping hand today can help ensure patients are being looked afte...

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  • $50

    Dressing Pack for 100 patients

    Keeping a wound clean, dry and covered is essential to a quick recover...

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  • $75

    Oxygen Masks

    Oxygen masks are a vital part of surgery. You can provide oxygen masks...

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  • $125

    Post-Operative Hospital Stay

    Your gift can provide a comfortable hospital stay post-surgery, and is...

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  • $250


    Your gift provides a patient with anaesthetic drugs for safe open-hear...

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  • $350

    Surgical Instrument Kit

    Wear and tear is a normal part of life, especially for surgical instru...

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  • $600

    Intensive Care Supplies

    Your selfless gift today will provide for a heart surgery patient at t...

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  • $800

    SOS Airplane Ticket

    Our volunteers love to cover their costs, but occasionally unexpected ...

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  • $1000

    Perfusion Supplies

    During an open-heart surgery, a patient is kept alive by circulating t...

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  • $1500

    Training a Partner Clinician

    This is a gift that just keeps on giving. By covering the costs for on...

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  • $2500

    Sponsor a Nurse

    Nurses are vital in helping patients recuperate after life-saving surg...

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  • $3500

    Cardiac Surgery

    A gift like no other, the gift of a second chance at life, and a gift ...

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  • $7500

    Synthetic Heart Valve

    Children with Rheumatic Heart Disease face certain death. Without trea...

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