May 16

A second chance at life – Nashon’s story

“I had this severe chest pain at school, and I had a really hard time breathing.” Nashon was nine years old when he was told he had a heart condition. …

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Nov 16

Amelika’s Life-Saving Surgery

When Amelika* was 12 years old, she noticed that something was wrong. She would lose her breath walking from the living room to her bedroom, and she was constantly feeling …

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Aug 31

TALES FROM THE FIELD – COVID-19 Support in Nepal

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt hard in Nepal. As at 31st August 2020 there have been over 38,500 cases and 220 deaths. Cases are still increasing. The impact …

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Mar 15

Syria Crisis: Five Years Later

March 2016 marks fives years since the Syrian civil warbegan. Since then, almost 500,000 peoplehave died as violencerages and tears the country to pieces. Millions more have become refugees, strangers …

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Mar 11

Vanuatu: Sweet Potatoes Arrive Just in Time

We stopped at the roadside market to buy some fresh coconuts and have a chat to the women. On offer was steamed corn, young coconuts for drinking, yams still covered …

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Mar 10

Vanuatu: One Year Later

The village is peaceful, washing drying in the afternoon sun. It’s too hot to do anything much other than find a place in the shade, hopefully with a breeze. John …

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Mar 01

Fiji: The Eye of the Cyclone

It was early in the afternoon on Saturday February 20. George and his family had just returned from church up the road in Naqia village on the eastern side of …

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Nov 20

#KNOCKTOBER: Pathfinders

written by Laura Mitchell. On October 17th, Avondale Memorial Pathfinders hit the streets of Cooranbong in their full uniform, armed with a pen, a receipt pad, and an abundance of …

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Sep 30

Do It Afraid

Do it afraid. That was the title of my daily devotional the day before I was due to fly out to a country I had never been to, to start …

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Aug 15

International Day of Rural Women

Celebrating Rural Women by Tracy Hamilton According to the United Nations, rural women make up over a quarter of the total world population. Rural women, particularly in developing countries, hold …

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