Monthly Archives: October 2017

Clean up and pack down

The team are packing up and finalising the clean-up and resources to leave behind for the hospital. This year Open Heart International (OHI) received a generous donation of a microscope […]

Last day of surgery

It has been a very busy eight days for the Open Heart International team with 84 patients receiving life changing surgery.

Not a typical weekend

It was not a typical weekend for two of our volunteers who headed out to meet up with past patients.

The end of a week

At the end of our first week here in the Philippines the team have completed over 60 eye surgeries.

Giving back

Dr Geoffrey Painter is one of the pioneering members for this project…

The road to sight

An insight into a non-medical perspective

All systems go!

The team are busy screening patients ready for surgery

The beginning…

The team of 7 arrive safely in the Philippines to under go eye surgery