Posted on 24 October, 2017

The team are packing up and finalising the clean-up and resources to leave behind for the hospital. This year Open Heart International (OHI) received a generous donation of a microscope from a German company Zeiss which was initially used at the SAN Day Surgery. This machine greatly assisted the surgeons in their surgeries and will be handed over to the Adventist Hospital Santiago City for their future use.


Nurse Kerrie Legg who is also a Clinical Lecturer at University of Sydney and Director, Chatswood Private Hospital, has been volunteering with the OHI team to the Philippines for the past 7 visits. I asked Kerrie what was some of the highlights for her on this trip. She mentions that Richard the 9 year old patient and Oscar the 69 year old Down Syndrome patient who both received surgery to their eyes and got great results. Seeing their smiles and their responses to us is so rewarding.


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