Posted on 21 October, 2017

The clinic staff barely stop for a break and work methodically with each patient that comes through.

Friday we started surgery on children suffering from congenital cataracts and other eye complications. OHI nurse Danielle Bishara, who works at the SAN Day Surgery in Hornsby for the past 16 years, has also volunteered with OHI on the past 6 trips to the Philippines. Dr Geoffrey Painter asked Danielle to join the team which she was keen to be part of. Danielle in her childhood had poor eyesight and always appreciated the care she received back in Canada.Having had poor eyes and getting it fixed, Danielle feels a sense of connection to the patients and believes they don’t deserve anything less!


Danielle loves to teach and help the local clinical staff with her scrubbing skills and finds her role on the team as an opportunity to share her skills. Her first impression of the Philippines was the beauty of the country and its friendly people. However, she was also surprised by the contrasts between the rich and poor. The appreciation shown by both patients and their families is always rewarding.


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