Monthly Archives: May 2013

Frankie Goes To Port Moresby

Team members, even if found at last minute, enjoy the Open Heart International experience!

Surgery Update – Day 2

The surgery team is up and running with 6 cases now in the ICU.

PNG Acknowledges Dr. Richard Hawker For 25 Years

Cardiologist Dr. Richard Hawker has been traveling to PNG for 25 years and was recognised for his contribution.

Welcome to PNG

The traditional Welcome to PNG function was held on Saturday night at the Royal Papuan Yacht Club.

Hi My Name Is…

All of the PNG team have arrived from all over Australia and the team meeting is chance to meet and greet.

Touch Down In Port Moresby

The rest of the OHI team arrives in Port Moresby greeted by traditional dancers and ready for the week ahead.

Time To Rock And Roll

The start of a trip happens when the equipment leaves the warehouse!

The Load Out

It is the end of the Rwandan Open Heart International trip and the logistical puzzle is back to get the equipment home.

The Last Night Shift

The last night shift gives time to reflect on the patients and the experience of Open Heart International’s trip to Rwanda.

Biomedical Blog

Some observations about the King Faisal Hospital and improvements that have been seen by the returning Open Heart International Biomedical team.