Monthly Archives: May 2013

Hi From Adrian

Hear how the Open Heart International trip to Rwanda rewards more than the children of Rwanda, but the lives of the volunteers too.

The Liner

Thoughts on the logistics of an Open Heart International trip and the balancing act of who is able to be on the surgical list.

The Ward And My Day

Musings from Eleanor Mennie on life in Rwanda and the patients currently on the ward.

Welcome to the PICU

Insight into the pediatric intensive care unit and the challenges they can face.

The Annual Football Final

One of the most joyful moments for our team is being able to see much healthier children, with a renewed joy for life, playing shortly after their heart surgery.

Ange Walks Out Of ICU

Ange, a cardiac patient, is out of ICU and on track for a full recovery.

Tuesday Update From Suzanne

Nursing is a privileged position. Patients and their families let us into their lives for a short time and we know so much more about them than they know about us.

Welcome To The Operating Theatres

Insight into the operating theatres and surgical teams during the Rwandan Open Heart International trip.

A Thought For The Parents

While the focus of Open Heart International is on the cardiac patients, the families and parents of these patients carry the stress and worry.

More Fun On The Ward

The cardiac patients are recovering well and there is plenty of fun to be had on the ward!