Posted on 16 May, 2013

…. This time around anyway!

This post is by Lisa Davies, Registed Nurse, Rwanda.

Well it’s the last night shift on the ward. There are 12 patients plus their relatives including mums, dads aunties and brothers. With us we have two local Rwandan nurses – Jackie and Leanette, and plenty of mosquitoes keeping us company and making sure we stay awake.

Volunteer Ward Nurses in Rwanda

After completing all of our 2100hrs jobs we tucked the children into their beds put down their mosquito nets and even got a cuddle and a kiss from the famous Joy, a 2 year old girl who, like all of the children, has left a lasting memory and special place in our hearts. If we come again next year we will make sure to bring some bedtime stories. There’s no need for any music on the ward because throughout the night various noises can be heard from the patients and their relatives. We’re lucky if we know where from the voices and singing are coming from.

Volunteer and cardiac patient sharing time in Rwanda

Throughout the week it’s been so rewarding, fun and amazing to see the difference by day in the progress made by each patient on their road to recovery. Straight out of ICU the kids start off shy and unsure of how they feel and what they can do. By day three most of them are running around, playing football and enjoying their new-found energy. Saying goodbye to the children in the morning will be sad.

Rwandan cardiac patient Marie Grace

We would like to thank all of the OHI Rwanda team for the great company and awesome experience, and most of all to the Rwandan people for trusting us to look after their precious kids.

Lisa D. and Cisco.

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