Posted on 23 February, 2018

Education plays a big part in the project and it is great to see the local medical professionals are hungry to learn more.

Yesterday Emma presented an ALS course to 23 nurses and Doctors who came from two different hospitals. Today Emma repeated this course. Emma was ably assisted by Maan, our translator and nurse from they Sydney Adventist Hospital as well as Kerriann an Educator from Brisbane.


It is thrilling to see the profound gratitude displayed when donated goods of stethoscopes and books are handed over. Our team are great at seeing the need and fulfilling that.


As mentioned yesterday, in the NICU Liz and Risha have been on fire with the 80 tiny people crammed in to a space for 40. We are happy to report the neonates are doing great!

At the end of day 4 the team have assisted with 25 surgical cardiac cases as well as the Cardiologists and Echo techs have ploughed through an enormous body of work.There is heartbreak here as some anatomical defects are sometimes too great. That is why it is so important for early intervention and paediatric surgery in which both the OHI and the local team are trying to do.

For now, until next time Myanmar!

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