Posted on 14 February, 2018

It is quite fitting to be mending ‘broken’ hearts on the well know day of Valentines day.

The resilience of the children never ceases to surprise me. I know if the roles were reversed I would certainly be a little more precious than the 7 children that have received heart surgery so far.


It is quite astounding to sit back and watch everyone work: the slight beep of the monitors that help stabilse vital signs, the giggles sweeping down the corridor from the children in the hallway, the purposeful clang of fingers fixing equipment in the background, the quiet whispers of the nurses and doctors as they chat amongst themselves, or the unspoken electric buzz in the air that of which I like to think makes up Open Heart International (OHI).


It is amazing to sit back and watch it all unveil. Kind of like an audience member at a theatre show, not necessarily on the stage or in the lime light but still part of the atmosphere and taking on the journey and experience.

The pictures certainly don’t do the whole process justice but it does allow the viewer to tap into their own imagination and make their own mind up about how it all unfolds.