Posted on 21 February, 2018

All four teams were anxious to get back to their respective hospitals this morning to check on their patients and begin more surgery.

My day started at Yankin children’s Hospital where the two young ladies post-operative were doing well.The soft toys donated by various kind and compassionate people were a big hit and are a valuable resource in creating a bridge between fear and fascination.


Education is in full swing and echotechnician, Belinda was giving a demonstration to Doctors on the value of echo in heart disease diagnosis and follow up after surgery.


I then moved on to the Military Hospital to witness our patients up and walking already thanks to our team physio, JT providing his magic touch.


One of the nurses, Kim had improvised and blown up a balloon inside a flattened manikin to provide CPR instruction and practice to nurses and doctors alike.


Heart surgery was still in full swing late into the night with some of the more difficult cases. The day dawns bright and the enthusiasm reflects this as everyone refuels at breakfast keen to get back and start again.

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