Posted on 29 October, 2013

surgery teaching

The week is off to a flying start with Cardiologist’s Dr Chris Whight and Dr Robert Justo kicking off the preadmission clinic where they met the children who are awaiting heart surgery. With all the echocardiograms and preoperative tests completed it was time to get to work!

The first day of surgery was a huge success. Dr Marino Festa started the day with preparations in the Intensive Care Unit with the Doctors and Nurses. The team went through scenarios to prepare them for the transfer of the first postoperative cardiac patient for the week. The focus has been the handover of patients from the operating theatre to the Intensive Care Unit and establishing everyone’s roles.

screening surgery

Dr David Winlaw oversaw surgery today where he was able to share his skills and knowledge to achieve a positive outcome and a successful surgery. The team involved included Anaesthetists, Dr Sue Hale and Dr Ramanie Jayaweera who have really enjoyed working with their Myanmar colleagues and have picked up a few tricks to take home. Our Perfusionist, Lynne Mckellar played a vital role in managing the children while on bypass and passed on her knowledge to the local staff.

Once the patients arrived to Intensive Care, everyone swung into action and took handover of the first two patients. After some guidance from Marino the team soon began using all the communication and assessment techniques they have been developing over the past two days.

The people in Myanmar are so welcoming and friendly, nothing is too much trouble and they are very generous. The mothers of the patients never leave their child’s side and they are so thankful for everything that the team had done in only a short amount of time.

Today is only just the beginning of a busy week and we look forward to the challenge!

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