Posted on 19 June, 2013

This post is by Melanie Windus, Project Coordinator – Fiji.

I am sitting quietly talking with Ani, the mother of 22 year old Seini, who received surgery on Monday.

Seini was at University, studying a Batchelor of Economics until recently. She has stopped her studies as she is too tired to attend classes. The tiredness is just one of the many symptoms when your heart is not functioning correctly.

Seini’s brother was engaged last year, and all of the family are coming to Fiji for the wedding. “My future daughter in law asked Seini to be her bridesmaid, and Seini was so excited to be asked. Her excitement soon faded to dissapointment because she is not able to walk the length of the isle for the wedding procession.” Ani told me.

“In March this year, Seini was admitted to hospital and was shortly after seen by the OHI cardiologist. The cardiologist was hopeful that when Seini’s case was presented to the surgical team that they would agree that Seini would benefit from surgery, and she would be selected. We were so happy that she was chosen for surgery. Seini is now so excited she will be able to be in her brothers wedding.”

For now, Seini and Ani are walking the corridor. Getting out of bed as soon as possible helps the recovery process.

“Seini is counting the days and knows nothing will keep her from walking down the aisle. She is already walking the length of the corridor. She just keeps on walking. Seini is so happy.”

Fiji cardiac patient up walking down the aisle after surgery

We are pretty happy too.

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