Posted on 19 April, 2016

This is Philbert.


In addition to enjoying ‘fist-pumping’, Philbert Muhirwa is recovering in King Faisal Hospital from an operation to fix his heart.Open Heart International operated on the two-and-a-half-year-old to cure his congenital heart disease, which has caused him respiratory problems since birth including wheezing.


Philbert’s spirits were up after his first big feed following surgery and he enjoyed tapping a balloon around the ward, as well as fist-pumping staff.

His family lives in South Gikongoro, which is two and a half hours away from Kigali.Philbert’s mum said he was transferred to the public hospital three times before he was diagnosed.

“At first I was sad about his diagnosis,” she says.

“I was worried he would not recover, but after hearing he would be operated on I was hopeful.”

She expressed her gratitude for the project and everyone involved in Philbert’s recovery.

“I am very happy and very thankful,” she says.

“I believe this will make a difference to his life and ours.”


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