Posted on 27 November, 2014

The hospital is a maze in itself and is proving to take us a little while to get use too and get our bearings. After two days I have come to know where the essential parts of the Hospital are. There has been some torrential rains which has made it difficult to get to and from the Hospital. Our hotel is based on a road made up of rocks and mud. Yesterday there was a few newly made waterfalls, which conveniently managed to pass through these roads. The theatre staff got bogged at 7am and they all had to climb out and push the van out of the ditch! What a way to start the day!


Surgery started yesterday with three surgery’s now complete. All three are doing extremely well, two have already moved up to the wards. If all runs smoothly we are hoping to get another three operations done today. The theatre room is packed with the excitement of a new team making it a bit difficult to move around (see photos). Dr Godwin (who came to Rwanda with us and is our host in Tanzania) is taking great care of us and is preforming surgery by himself as we speak.


The whole purpose of OHI is “we treat, we teach, we empower” and that is ultimately why we are here. Michael Holroyd is head of the Ward for Tanzania, yesterday he did some training with the local staff and said, “They are a bit nervous and reserved but they are keen to learn and receptive to education”. He is constantly asking them questions on the job to make them learn even faster. It is great to see all the effort the volunteers put it to make sure the local staff have a better understanding of cardiac procedures.


Most of our team have now completed their first shift, you can feel it is a more relaxed atmosphere & everyone is excited about the week ahead.


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