Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are home to just over 500,000 people across 1,000 different islands in a region between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

Major battles in World War II were fought in this area, and British influence continued throughout the islands until self government in 1976 and independence in 1978. The islands have not been without civil unrest, with a number of significant incidents in recent years. A combined Pacific nations military and police force called RAMSI was established in 2003, and remains active still with the intention of assisting the government in maintaining national stability.

Due to limited export opportunities, and the country’s near insolvency in 2002, the Solomon Islands are heavily reliant on foreign aid and assistance. While some progress is being made, significant health and poverty issues still remain.

Cardiac Surgery in the Solomon Islands

Open Heart International has visited the Solomon Islands on two separate occasions, the first in 1997, the second in 2006. The first trip included special assistance by the Royal Australian Air Force with freight and transportation of volunteers due to limited flights to the islands.

Cardiac surgeryis not available in the Solomon Islands and options for surgery overseas are limited. This means nearly all Solomon Islanders who need surgery will not receive it without assistance.

After nearly eight years without a surgical visit, primarily due to a lack of financial resources from both the Ministry of Health and from Open Heart International, there are plans to re-establish this project. A small group visited the Solomon Islands in early 2014 to complete a feasibility study.

Open Heart International are proud to be involved in medical missions and medical humanitarian aid in 3rd world locations such as the Solomon Islands.

What does clinical humanitarian aid in the Solomon Islands deliver?

All of our health care missions in under-developed countries including the Solomon Islands deliver specialty medical services for individuals who are not able to find these professional medical and surgical procedures due to their insufficient health system.

How do foreign medical charitable organizations in the Solomon Islands aid?

The initial objective of international healthcare charities such as Open Heart International is to save people’s lives and relieve the suffering of residents while maintaining their dignity.

In addition to this, ourmedical mercy missions to the Solomon Islandsprovide coaching and help for the local community doctors while making an effort to lessen strain on the local community medical system. This can be done by reducing substantial waiting lists for specialised surgeries which includes cardiac & heart surgery.

Clinical charity volunteers in the Solomon Islands

Our surgery and non-surgical volunteers work tirelessly to offer help and education for local medical staff while empowering regional healthcare workers to deliver better medical treatment in the region.

Do kids in the Solomon Islands receive healthcare assistance from the mercy missions?

Absolutely, Each of our overseas healthcare volunteers provide medical treatment to everyone including babies and young children.

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