Often when we think of Fiji we conjure up images of white sandy beaches, a tropical paradise. Unfortunately, the reality is that while Fiji has one of the most developed economies in the South Pacific, living conditions for the average Fijian family are far removed from the luxuries of resort style living. There are estimates that up to 25% of the population live below the poverty line, which is a lifestyle maintained on less than $1.25 per day.

Open Heart International has maintained a positive and successful partnership with the Ministry of Health in Fiji since 1990.

Cardiac Surgery in Fiji

A cardiac project was established in Fiji in 1990, and is now one of our largest cardiac projects that are undertaken each year.

The project is focused on providing surgery to those suffering from congenital heart defects as well as rheumatic heart disease. Surgery for these complications is not currently available in Fiji, and Open Heart International is one of four visiting teams that assist the entire country. Demand for surgery consistently outweighs the number of surgeries that can actually be achieved. Even with our maximum efforts in place there may still be patients we cannot operate on.

The reality is that without this service, patients confront the prospect of trying to obtain surgery in another country, of which the financial challenges that accompany this are great and often unsurmountable.

During a project visit to Fiji often multiple operating theatres are run simultaneously. During this two week intensive period, a team of over 40surgical and non-surgical volunteersare active with the goal of achieving as many successful surgeries as clinically possible.

Open Heart International are pleased to be participating in medical care missions and health care humanitarian support in 3rd world destinations such as Fiji.

Exactly what does healthcare humanitarian assistance provide in Fiji?

Each of our healthcare missions in third world countries such as Fiji provide professional medical treatment for patients who can’t access specialist medicine and surgery as a result of their limited health system.

How do healthcare charities provide support in Fiji?

The primary objective of foreign medical humanitarian aid organizations such as Open Heart International is to help save people’s lives and ease the pain of the local people while maintaining their dignity.

In addition, our clinical mercy missions to Fiji deliver teaching and support for the local specialists while helping to relieve strain on the regional health system. This is achieved by reducing prolonged waiting lists for specialist procedures which includescardiac surgery.

Medical charity volunteers in Fiji

Oursurgery and non-surgical volunteersoperate relentlessly to deliver support as well as teaching for regional clinical workers along with strengthening regional healthcare employees in Fiji to supply much better medical treatment in the area.

Do kids in Fiji receive clinical assistance from the mercy missions?

Yes, All of our overseas surgery volunteers offer medical assistance to everyone – infants, young children, girls and boys.

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