Posted on 1 April, 2014

We are on the home straight here at the Scheer Memorial Hospital. Our second last operating day today – time seems to go too quickly here in Nepal.

The ward allocated to us is so full that we overflowing to other areas. The staff are soldiering on despite a few setbacks, including a few going down with gastro as I write this. Unfortunately this is something that often happens in developing countries, no matter how careful we are with food and water.

Two weeks does not seem very long when we first got here. However, now with the end in site the challenges we have faced under such different conditions starts to take it’s toll.

By the end of our time here, if all goes according to plan, we will have operated on nearly 90 patients this year. While this does break a team record, this is not what we set out to do. So many patients turned up on the first day of screening our only goal was to try and help as may as we could. Nonetheless, what an achievement by our fabulous team!


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