Posted on 10 September, 2013

Have you ever been holiday and while laying on that beach sun baking, sipping that cocktail or playing golf, and thought about doing something different?. What If you could make a difference in the lives of the locals in many different countries?

I have had that opportunity on more than one occasion and have been able to have heaps fun while doing it. I have been on many trips with Open Heart International. However this is my first time to the Kingdom of Tonga. It is truly a friendly place which definitely lives up to its name the “Friendly Isles”. As a nurse I am part of a big medical team helping to change lives of patients with cardiac problems. It is truly an amazing cultural experience knowing that you have helped them but in reality they are helping me in the way they live their lives, and as a Christian myself, their trust in God.

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One of the main occasions that will stay in my memory forever occured on Sunday night. A feast of choir music was organised to welcome our team. When you hear a 700 person choir singing the Halleluiah Chorus it sends shivers down your spine! If that is what heaven is going to be like I can’t wait to get there!!

I highly recommend taking a chance and you will find that it is your life that is changed in the process.

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