Posted on 20 October, 2016

After the conference, it’s a nerve wracking wait for the mothers and their little ones, and as the sun goes down it finally comes to an end. The head nurse passes on the news to the parents. There’s relief for some and silent heartbreak for others. Both sides are calm and accepting. The parents who turn to leave the hospital, taking their babies home, will live in hope that next time their child will be chosen.

Thankfully Open Heart International comes twice a year to help the local medical teams and with each visit, their training and experience improves in leaps and bounds. So these parents may very well have their babies healed next time.

Two of the children I’d fallen for, a little girl called ‘Aye Myat’ and a little boy called ‘Phone Dana’ were chosen for a heart operation.

A baby I’d been filiming didn’t.

Next time.


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