Posted on 4 May, 2015

Today is “kids day” at the Adventist Hospital Santiago City. This is when a group of volunteer eye surgeons and specialists operate on those that are unable to afford cataract surgery.

While cataract is most commonly found in older patients, it does occur in children and even sometimes found in children at birth.Several of the children on today’s waiting list come from families where their father has died and their mother is working to support three, foursometimes fivechildren!

Today we met 4 year old Queenee. She unfortunately now has cataracts from the result of being kicked in the eye with a soccer ball. Queenee is meant to start school this year, but without her full sight she will be at a disadvantage before she’s even begun. She told ourteam that she would like to become a police officer when she grows up.

The team hope that surgery will restore her sight in that eye and then one day she will become the police officer she has always dreamed of becoming. Stay tuned to hear how Queenee’s surgery goes.


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