Posted on 8 May, 2013

This post is by Carolyn Wilkinson, Project Member – Cambodia.

Operation Open Heart Cambodia has come to an end and the last of us are on our way home to Australia.

Hi I’m Carolyn Wilkinson and this is my 4th trip in 2 years with OOH and I have to say I am addicted! I love these trips because I feel as if I am making a difference to not only the children we operate on, but to the nursing staff we work with in the Intensive Care Unit. The Cambodian staff are so receptive and appreciative of the knowledge I can share and that is extremely rewarding as a practitioner. Working in this environment also makes me very humbled with regard to our own health services in Australia.

I would have to say the highlight for me was Chea. His operation was a significant risk and we were all concerned for him – and as it turned out – unnecessarily. He breezed through his operation and post-operative recovery and just lit up the whole hospital. And to know that he has now been accepted into an orphanage means he can begin his future with a degree of stability, something that he truly deserves. We wish him all the very best, and given his determined personality, I think he can get through any adversities that lie ahead.

Sadly this trip has come to an end but I am pleased to tell you the children are all doing well. Finances allowing, I would love to go on a further 2 trips this year and I will be saving madly to be able to cover the costs. I can’t wait to see all of my friends again. From the Aussie volunteers to the Cambodian staff – thanks to all for a great trip and see you again soon.

Below: The Australian volunteers on OOH Cambodia. The team polo shirts were of course “In the Freight!”

Cambodian team 2013

Left: Carolyn with a Cambodian staff member, one of the many friends made within the week. Right: “We love you too Rithy”

Carolyn with local staff Cambodia Rithy

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