Posted on 19 April, 2016

Remy Nkurunziza is too small for his age of five, which is known as “failure to thrive”, because his congenital heart condition has stunted his growth.


He underwent surgery on Monday 18 April in Kigali to repair his heart and give him hope for a normal life.

Remy’s condition is unusually rare because he was born with his heart on the right hand side, as well as the hole in his heart.

His dad Leverien Nzavugankiza, from Nyarugenge, said Remy, who enjoys painting, experienced ailments such as difficulty breathing, coughing and loss of weight since birth.

“I have seen an improvement in Remy only a few hours after the operation,” Leverien said.

“I was so happy to learn he would get an operation because I knew it would improve his life.”

“Open Heart International is so kind, they do a good job helping the children, which is very kind of them.”


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