Posted on 9 May, 2013

This post is by Fiona Hyde, Project Coordinator – Cambodia.

Yes our beautiful boys have been transferred to the surgical ward and are up to all kinds of tricks.

Physiotherapist Stephanie Van Hilten says “It is amazing how quickly children recover from such extensive surgery. Adults can take weeks to move around freely, however children can walk and play within days. Getting them moving is very important to stop complications such as pneumonia, so I assist them to start walking the day after surgery. We distract them with toys and balls to move their arms and legs, and this year we are even using music. Yes every afternoon we play “Gangnam Style” and get all the volunteers and children out to dance in the hospital courtyard. I have to say the volunteers have just as much fun as the children!”

Thank you so much to Geoff and Jan, and Killara Public School for their support of the boys and for providing a second chance for them. Without surgery they would have had a limited life span and nothing is more precious than your health.

Below: Well behaved Vath with Mum and Cathy. He is ready to go to school now!

Cambodian heart patient Vath Ready for School

And then there is our little Chea. Nothing will stop him – even the theatre doors. Left: Steph gives him his only pair of shoes – her sons old thongs. Middle: Uncle David found him running though the theatre doors. Right: Sue stops the kiddies from charging into Intensive Care. Yes it gets pretty crazy here when the kiddies are back on their feet!

Cambodian heart patient thongs Cambodian heart patient with surgeon Cambodian Children out of ICU

Below: Gangnam Style in the hospital courtyard. Not sure who is having the most fun – volunteers or the children. These kiddies are 2 and 3 days post their surgery and at this stage of recovery moving around is extremely beneficial. They will forget any pain with effective distraction methods.

Cambodia Gangnam Style Cambodia Gangnam Style Cambodia Gangnam Style

And finally sleep! Mums and kiddies get their much needed rest.

Cambodian heart patient sleeping Cambodian heart patient sleeping Cambodian heart patient sleeping

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