Posted on 20 October, 2016


I wanted to help but all I could do was feel foolish, as I stuck a meaningless nemo sticker on his little hand.

But then maybe, just for a moment he was distracted.

Life is made up of moments.

It was amazing to see this little boy, less than 24 hours since he had his chest opened and heart fixed, just sitting up there. It would have been good to be able to leave him in peace after he got his sticker, but I had a story to reveal. So I gathered his mum, the head nurse, and the Burmese doctor around his bedside for some filming. Promising myself I’d be no more than 4min.

It didn’t even take that long.

I was shocked to discover that from the moment the children come out of heart surgery, they are given no other pain medication what so ever, except one paracetamol.

Back home we take two, just for a headache.

Their buddhist upbringing must be reflected in how they manage pain.

I loved the brave little boy even more.

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