Posted on 1 May, 2015

As I looked at the endless rice fields from my plane window, I counted that this is my sixth visit to the Philippines, three in a planning phase, and then I’ve travelled three of the four times we have had a team visit our friends here in Santiago City.

The fourth surgical visit is well and truly underway. 57 patients had received surgery before today, a wonderful achievement by everyone involved. One of the most exciting aspects is to see how smoothly everything now runs, and that is testament to the wonderful staff of our hosts, Adventist Hospital Santiago City.

Phiiippines Philippines

Our team arrived to expectant patients ready for surgery, supplies sourced and laid out, and an operating theatre virtually set up for our arrival. In only a few short hours, we were already operating.

Each day since, patients are ready for their post-operative checks in the clinic, charts have been organised and ready to go. It seems like a cliche, but it really has become a well oiled machine. That does not mean it has been without a few stresses along the way (look out for my next blog post), but the obstacles so far have been overcome.

One of my favourite moments so far was in the clinic this morning when a patient said to me “Oh doctor, I can now see you today. You are very handsome.” I didn’t quite have the heart to tell her that I wasn’t her doctor.

Phiiippines Philippines


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