Posted on 25 April, 2016

The Open Heart International team in Rwanda is wrapping up its project after an official celebratory dinner held by our Rwandese hosts.

On Thursday 21st April, an official dinner was held by the Rwanda Ministry of Health, Rwanda Biomedical Centre and King Faisal Hospital to say thank you and recognise the team’s efforts.


Amongst many official expressions of gratitude, the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Professor Emile Rwamasirabo, said it was a pleasure to host Open Heart International once again.

“I know where you are coming from, it takes 30 hours from here and we do not know how you organise the project because your country is so big,” he said

“Thank you for your continued efforts, we know the time it takes to organise your leave, your money, your work; we know it is a lot of effort and for that we really thank your efforts”.

Many speeches were had, a delicious dinner was enjoyed and gifts were given to the team “on behalf of all Rwandans”.

Judith, theNurse Unit Manager of Intensive Care, expressed her gratitude to the project, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary year traveling to Rwanda.

“You work like machines,” Judith said.

“You are amazing, we appreciate your efforts and we do not know how to express our feelings for another successful trip.

“About 20 years ago it was a dream to have this kind of surgery in Rwanda.”

Open Heart International first travelled to Rwanda in 2006, with a team that includes several of its current members.


OHI would like to particularly acknowledge Jen Evans, theatre nurse, George Shortis, pharmacist, and Bethaney Chidlow, ward nurse, for their continued efforts and dedication to the program; they have been on all nine trips to Rwanda.

These team members are a part of the current surgical mission and we appreciate their ongoing commitment.


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