Posted on 15 September, 2013

Yesterday we said farewell to some of our paediatric team – Ian, Alfred, David, Clem, Maree and Kat headed home yesterday. We also welcomed some new faces – Bruce, Waleed, Nick and Neil have joined us for this week.

Surgery 1 Surgery 2

Changeover of some of the surgical day yesterday meant no surgery took place, and it gave some of the team the chance to explore other parts of Tonga. Nearby Fafa Island and Humpback Whale swimming/watching seemed to be the favourites.

While we had team members here all weekend, the majority have returned to the Hospital today to commence the second week of surgery.

18 people have received surgery since we arrived. This morning, the second case conference occurred with up to 11 more patients selected for surgery this week.

The trip so far has been fantastic, everyone working incredibly hard but also in high spirits.

Patients 3 James

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