Posted on 15 July, 2013

My mum used to say “someone’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Last year the Sydney Adventist Hospital was upgrading their anesthetic machines, and whilst the old ones didn’t fit into the “trash” category they were ear-marked for service elsewhere, but we managed to talk to the right people and change that … then put them into a 40’ shipping container for the Scheer Memorial Hospital, Nepal. Before we knew it much needed items were being donated and added to the container, including 40 beds & mattresses, an X-Ray machine, trolleys, ventilators, toilet chairs, linen skips, surgical dressings, theatre clothing, blankets, toys, pillows, operating tables …and 2 operating tables. The container left in January, arrived 2 days before the Burns Team. More than a coincidence I reckon!! The old anesthetic machines at SMH have been maintained by the local anesthetic technician, Laxman. To have the opportunity to replace them was huge. It was the icing on the cake to see a beaming Laxman when we arrived!!

The container of donated equipment for Nepal has arrived Unpacking the container in Nepal

Unpacking the container in Nepal Unpacking the container in Nepal

the donated anaesthetic machine in use Donated operating table

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