Posted on 23 February, 2017

What a day looks like in Myanmar:

-Another hospital started receiving our services last October and this year we have a team there again screening and performing surgery on adults.


-I accompanied Dr Celia Bradford on her first visit and she received handover from veterans Dr Bruce French and Dr Paul Wajon.

-I also observed as Dr French met up with a delightful 13 year old girl who had valve surgery in October. Her eyes shone as she jumped up to meet him wearing her best clothes for the occasion.


-One of our Echo technicians Katherine Powell did some testing, watching on I realised what an invaluable diagnostic tool an echo machine was as well as the three techs we have on our team (Also Sharon Kay and Belinda Shearer)who are experts in their field.

-One lady was well enough to leave ICU today.


-Tonight at dinner I learnt that a number of the patients are doing well post-operation.

-Patients received physiotherapy with help of a balloon.


-Today will be the final busy day before the pack up commences.


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