Posted on 21 February, 2017

This morning I got to experience the full impact of why I am doing this all over again. The positive energy just radiated from the volunteers.


I took off on the minibus with a group of volunteers bound for Yangon General hospital. We visited both the ICU and Cath Lab where there were already procedures underway in which were being performed by our Cardiologists and echo techs. Chris Waite (Myanmar Project Coordinator) and I then headed off to the Yankin Children’s Hospital where we watched our surgeons assist the local team perform heart surgery on teenagers.


Our nurses were waiting back in the ICU to receive these patients. Outside relatives were camped out side along the verandah’s being fed a simple meal. We had the honour then of being shown through the Neonate ICU and speaking with the Professor and her team who run it. What amazing work they are doing!


It was great to listen to all the stories when we gathered together in the evening in Dr Bruce Bastians room. Many of these people have been doing this together for years so there is a real sense of family.

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