Posted on 9 September, 2015

The ward is coming to life with eight patients now on the ward, and we will farewell at least three patients later today after they are discharged. Their resilience is absolutely amazing! One girl had surgery in the afternoon and then walked from ICU to the ward the following morning. She also joined the other kids and walked down the stairs to the paediatric ward to get a photo near the playground and was eager to play.


Maila (blog from Tuesday) is doing extremely well, and he now been transferred from ICU to the ward. Yesterday Maila was a little upset and grumbly but I am sure it will be no time and he will be playing along side the other patients. This morning I managed to get a little smile out of him and a few words, hopefully everyday it will be a gradual increase.


The OHI volunteers are loving their time in Tonga, first time volunteer Lillian said “I am going to stay in Tonga… cancel my flight home!” she laughed and chatted away with the local staff. Along with Lillian there are 13 other first time volunteers to Tonga.

Two volunteers Linda Thomson Mangnall and Stephen Mangnall are starting a research program here similar to a program recently conducted in Fiji. Their study looks at the long terms effects of patients who received surgery, and involves looking through many dusty archives, and tracking down old patients.


The OHI volunteer team and the local team mesh so well which helps share our knowledge and impart skills in a friendly and fun environment. Walking into the Hospital everyone says “Hello” and call you by name, the staff here in Tonga always go out of their way to help you.

As I write, the theatre team are operating on a little 4 month old child, making it 13 patients so far. Our paediatric surgery will finish tomorrow (Friday), and then we’ll focus on adults requiring surgery commencing Sunday.

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