Posted on 13 June, 2018

There is something special about previous patients. Three from the class of 2017 took the time to come and see us on Wednesday.

Merewai, Waloi and Suliana had all struggled for many years with rheumatic heart disease. Simple tasks, walking more than a few steps at once were almost impossible. In fact Merewai was in such bad shape, that sleeping in a prone position was impossible. For two years, she slept sitting up as it was the only way possible.


As team member after team member passed through the tea room, and recognised them, there were hugs, laughs, smiles and almost surprise at how well all three looked one year post-surgery.

Merewai and Waloi live nearby to Suva, and Suliana lives in Nadi (other side of the island). Strangers a year ago, the three have become close friends bonded by the shared experience; all had mitral valve replacements and only got to know each other during their hospital stay.


Attending their monthly check-up clinic gives time to reminisce and catch-up. Returning to visit the ward also brought back memories of their shared life-altering experience.

From three ladies that were unable to take more than a few steps, life now is amazingly different. Merewai works as a car detailer, Waloi is now able to look after her 8-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter, and Suliana has just graduated a few weeks ago from an IT diploma.

“I am just so happy and thankful for what your team has done for us” says Merewai.


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