Posted on 4 September, 2018

This morning there was a slight detour with a road blockages due a protest. Lucky there was a longer way around to the Hospital and nothing could dampen our spirits in hope for a successful first day!

The first day is always a bit of a teething process. It’s the time everyone splits up into their departments and are completing their first checks, getting their feel for the hospital as well as location of stock to ensure everything is available and easy to access. Not to mention it can take time to understand and get to know how each other work. We all had our fingers and toes crossed that it would be relevantly smooth sailing.


This morning started off with a press conference which allowed the Univalle Hospital to introduce the team as well as have an “opening ceremony” to welcome the teams arrival.


While the team was setting up their respective departments and starting the first surgery I was helping organising things behind the scenes for the first day of surgery. It’s even the small stuff like chatting to the kitchen about lunch, printing documents, collating patient information, sorting team money conversions, even things like finding places to do our laundry! All these things are at our disposal at home but aren’t so quickly accessed here due to unfamiliar locations, language barriers etc. However they free citation generator are all important to keep the show on the road, especially when our volunteers are working long stints at the Hospital. It’s my job to close the gap and make it as comfortable and easy as humanly possible.

We have a very successful first day of surgery with two completed cases for two women 29 and 33 years of age.The theatre team have worked so wonderfully together to make this happen.

Stay tuned for more stories to come!


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