Posted on 1 November, 2013

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As the final surgery commences this afternoon, the team is proud to see that most of the 15 kids operated on in the last 5 days are now running around the ward, kicking balls, playing with each other and generally running amok in the hospital which is a joy for the team to see.

Some of the little ones that were operated on in the first half of the week look so well and happy that it is hard to believe they had complex open-heart surgery only a few days ago. The resiliance of these Cambodian kids and their parents has to be seen to be believed.

The joy on their faces when they are playing with their goodie bags containing new toys and clothes is such an inspiring thing to witness. Cathy the Physio has many of them playing outside, blowing bubbles, throwing frisbies and having fun with each other and getting their little bodies healing as quickly as possible.

The parents and families of these children are very different to the parents we met early on in the week. They are rightfully elated that their child is now much healthier and happier and has a bright and hopeful future now thanks to the life saving surgery this week. But the relief on their faces is almost palpable in the ward, something that any parent can relate to.

Many of the parents are trying to explain their gratitude to the team through the local nursing staff and interpretors but the general message to us has been that there are no words that can fully express their thanks and appreciation to the Australian OHI Cambodian team for what they have done for their family. It is hard to wipe the smiles off their faces and ours too!

Leaving will be hard for us all, but easier in the knowledge that these kids have been given the chance to live a long and healthy life here in Cambodia and that we will be back in March next year to help another group of kids in need.

Motivation for fund raising and planning for the next trip is exceedingly high and many of us can’t wait to come back again in March 2014.

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