Posted on 23 February, 2017

Down at breakfast yesterday morning I had the opportunity to listen in on the events of the previous night and how they unfolded, and it deepened a respect and admiration for the people I am with.


Last night we gathered together for a meal and some were missing. In particular, my roommate Pam Reid. On return to my room there was still no Pam until close to midnight. Then at 1.45 the phone rung and had us both jump to attention, then Pam was off again not returning until close to 4.00am.

At breakfast I heard the reason for their late night was due to having to return to theatre for one of the patients, and thankfully the problem was solved.


Here is a woman, Pam now in retirement who has given years of voluntary service with OHI all over the world. She has chosen this path to volunteer, gain the trust of the local people and gently passed on invaluable knowledge for Cardiac theatre to the point where she can now stand back and watch those that she has taught do an expert job themselves.

How lucky am I to be sharing her room and hearing her stories as well as the rest of the team.

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