Posted on 30 November, 2013

Friday came, surgery completed and suddenly it was all about packing and getting ready to head home, or off on an assorted safaris and side trips.

ICU continued to bustle as the last of the patients recovered from surgery, while on the ward often we found more kids playing soccer on the grass outside than in their beds. Volunteers headed back to the market to collect items they’d had made (a fantastic selection of dresses and some very snazzy pants for Richard), and a few had their final opportunity to visit the Genocide Memorial. Friday night we had a thank you reception at the Top Tower Hotel (our home away from home) where everyone took the opportunity to have a dance. Dr. Joseph had been looking forward to it all day, and clearly relished the opportunity to shake his thing. And on Saturday we were generously invited to a barbecue with a Sydney couple, who are here for 18 months, while they work at the hospital.

A small group returned to the Sisters of Mercy orphanage on Friday to visit and take a selection of toys to the children. For those who cared for little Francisco this was an important moment. The group then went to drop of more toys (as we thankfully have a substantial amount) to CHUK Hospital’s paediatric unit.

Suddenly we had time to think about the magnitude of the experiences we’ve all had, which can be hard to put into words (not really a good thing for a blogger.) Richard our photographer summed things up beautifully last night when he told me that on one day here he had two experiences that rank in the top five of his life. That is quite a significant statement for someone who has visited Rwanda with OHI three times.

There are a few images, thankfully, that tell the story better than I can. Richard captured Moses, with chuppa chup, as he came in for screening and those who follow us on Facebook will have seen it. The most recent images were taken on Thursday. As you can see, the change is considerable. This is what it’s all about.

Moses scarHappy moses

So here I shall conclude my time blogging for the OHI Rwanda team. Project coordinator Russell will follow me with his wrap up of the trip, but I hope you’ve been entertained, been touched and gained insight into the OHI experience. Maybe we’ll see you in Rwanda in 2014?

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