Posted on 4 November, 2013

After an exceptionally busy week of operating in Angkor Hospital for Children, our Cambodian counterparts organised a reunion to challenge no others. If you are not already aware, six months ago we met a little boy named Chea. His circumstances were one of the most unfortunate that we have come across. Having no parents to care for him he was given up to a Women’s Refuge. And then diagnosed with a life-limiting heart condition and unable to find an orphanage willing to accept him, his life, without doubt, held little future.

We met him in March 2013 after he was accepted by our team to correct his heart condition. We can remember a scrawny 6 year-old that had an endearing smile and cheeky nature. Dressed the whole week in the same pink pyjamas with no shoes to be found, the Aussie team adored him. After sponsorship from some very generous Aussies, and a successful heart operation, he was sent to an orphanage to start a new life.

chea returns

What a surprise we had this week: Our Cambodian Cardiologist arranged for Chea to visit us at Angkor Hospital for Children. Holding back the tears, all the team members from the last trip had a cuddle that can never be replaced. He still had that cheeky grin that we remember so well, but was also sporting a haircut, new clothes and even a pair of shoes. It was wonderful to see him so healthy and growing up. We wish him all the very best for his future.

chea before chea

Photo: Chea at the start of the year (left) and Chea now (right)

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