Posted on 13 June, 2013

This post is by Jennifer Evans, Theatre RN, PNG.

Big pla hallo lo pla from the Kangaroo and Kumul theatres at PMGH… our home for the past week!

On the Kangaroo team we have Kimi (the boss meri), Jen, little Jen, Lyndall, Lauren – keeping the surgeons in line… and Lisa (Lik Lik), Pete and Ali – Keeping the anaethetics in line…
Anna, Loni and Paul have been our amazing and talented Kumul counterparts. It may seem an even contest but these nurses are all so committed to the team and learning as much as humanly possible in a week. Anna and Loni are quickly becoming expert cardiac scrub nurses and Paul has been really involved and helpful in running gases, samples and blood packs to and from theatres. Their help is not only appreciated it is essential to the way we work as a team as a whole in theatres…
Our day usually began with a ward round of bubbles and monkey to cheer up the kids who are usually trying to run a muck anyway in the ward and then its off to ICU to see how our post op patients are doing… eventually we go back to theatre to see what needs to be done and if anaesthetics is ready to go… and then we start!!!
Each day here we have 5-6 little bubbas to operate on. It is a challenge for us all as we teach and transfer skills in one theatre and work through the more complex stuff in the other all the while the music is blaring LIk Lik is dancing and we are generally having a blast! We are definitely the lucky members of the team! We work with a fantastic team and I, for one would never be anywhere else!!!
So from us its lukim u bihain! See ya next time PNG!!
PNG theatre team in action
PNG theatre team in action PNG cardiac patient waiting for surgery
Surgical monkey visits the adults too in PNG