Posted on 17 June, 2013

This post is by Michael Were, Manager of OHI.

Here’s is the team for Tonga 2011 at our team photo on Friday morning:

Front: Sally Moon, Anna Rosendahl, Ian Nicholson, Annette Baldwin, Helen Dodshon, Louise Pearsall.

Middle: Lisa Rossi, Mary McDonald, Clement Fong, Sheree Gordon, Stephanie Kirwan, David Baines, John Wallace, Sharon Hocking, Cath Johnston, Bruce Treagus.

Rear: Zoe Wainer, Melissa Thompson, Nikki Savvas, Lauren Allen, Tara Hoffman, Jill Croft, Killian O’Shaugnessy, Michael Were, Kerrie Richardson, Nick Simpson, Angela Hosea, Margaret Staff, Maree Standaloft, Peter Prager

Absent: Garry Warner, Malcolm Richardson, Ben Ferry, Bruce French, Jeff Dickson, Andrew Brice, George Shortis.

The Tongan heart team photo

The Tongan heart team photo

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