Posted on 18 April, 2016

The first of six operating days in Kigali, Rwanda, is now complete and has been deemed a success.

Open Heart International’s 30-member team completed the first day of surgery at King Faisal Hospital, where the group operated on three patients between the ages of 18 months and 13 years old.


All three patients suffer from congenital heart disease, which is a problem with the heart’s structure that is developed when people are born. It may mean a small hole in the heart, leaky valves or something more severe. Although it can be a very serious condition, many can be treated with surgery; however Rwanda has no established cardiac service.


The idea behind the missions is that if you fix one child, you help the entire family, even the entire Kigali community. Open Heart International specialises in paediatric cardiac surgery as part of the overall strategic plan in Rwanda.

Annual visits, such as the current program that has officially started in Rwanda, provide the opportunity to address urgent surgical needs for the growing waiting list, as well as working with the local health providers in training and development.

The dedicated team will continue to operate until Thursday, providing hope to the children and their families.


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