Posted on 6 April, 2017

The assessment of 88 patients is complete and yesterday the team completed 6 surgeries – the delicate and intense process of the surgery is to restore fingers, feet and anything else contracted due to burn injuries.


Open Heart International (OHI) volunteer surgeons Shiv Chopra from Sydney and Cameron Scott from Darwin worked alongside Nepalese surgeons, scrub and recovery nurses on the patient list.


In recovery, Darany Thepmany who is a nurse from the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH) in Sydney has been teaching the 3rd year Nepalinurses who have been observing the patients vital signs and ensuring the patient wakes up from the anaesthetics and is well enough before they are moved into the post-operative ward.

There is an adorable Nepali girl who today had her lower lip reconstructed. She is given a bag of goodies which are donations from the generosity of Australian supporters and includes a toothbrush, toothpaste soap, socks beanie, colouring book pencil, a toy, shampoo, comb and blankets. Each burns patient will receive the same goodie bag before they are discharged.


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