Posted on 30 October, 2013

recovery open heart

Another exciting day in Yangon , Myanmar. At the end of surgery on Monday we had a debrief with the Yangon Children’s Hospital (YCH) team where we discussed what is going well and areas that that they can be improved on. They were all extremely receptive to our feedback.

The patients who had surgery on Monday are progressing well. The Australian Ambassador, Bronte Moules visited the team today thanking them for their contribution and volunteering their time to assisting the Myanmar people. The YCH Superintendent and Professor of ICU were very proud to be able to host our Ambassador.

Another two children were operated on successfully today. Many of our suggestions from the debrief have been implemented already resulting in improved efficiency, safety and workflow. The two Interventional Cardiology teams performing Electrical Physiology Studies and Coronary Stenting had another successful day of teaching also.

post-op post-op

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