Posted on 12 September, 2013

Sheree Sheree

Hello to everyone reading the OHI blog!

Firstly thanks so much for reading. It’s great to know how many people are reading and interacting on Facebook, and are following our work here in Tonga!

Well about me. My name is Sheree and I’m a paediatric and adult Intensive Care Nurse. This is my third trip with OHI, my first trip was to Tonga in 2011 and I jumped at the opportunity to come back here this year. In between, I’ve also been to Fiji with the team.

My role is pretty simple. I look after these amazing kids until they are well enough to play and enjoy the life they are supposed to be living! We all take it for granted that we can run, jump and just play every day but for two year old Emma and four year old James the past two days have been amazing.

We had water pistol fights today where running was a new high. The smiles on their faces was something that makes this journey a million times worthwhile. As I finish up a water fight it’s back to Intensive Care to look after another patient post-op.

The challenging thing that I find I love is that I always have to be on my toes and at times a bit like Macgyver it seems – making the most of the equipment we are working with here in Tonga. It makes you appreciate the health system in Australia and how lucky we are.

For all those paediatric ICU nurses out there, you must give this a go. I promise you if you try you will be hooked for life, just like I am. I’ve just signed up for another trip later this year. I’m filling in paperwork to go to Rwanda, from the nurses station here in Tonga. Crazy!

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